Luxury Villa Anegada


Anegada, lies 15 miles north of Virgin Gorda, and due to the large Horseshoe Reef and giant coral heads, can only be negotiated by experienced sailors, this makes it an idyllic escape. Its highest point is only about 28 feet above sea level, earning it the name ‘the drowned land’. The whole island can easily be toured in a day by taking a ride with one of the friendly taxi drivers or by bicycle. You can see the pink flamingoes in their natural habitat, wild donkey’s and cows, and then stop off to snorkel with the sea turtles at loblolly bay.

Keen fisherman can try their hand at fly-fishing.

A visit to Anegada would not be complete without sampling the delicacy the island is famous for. Freshly caught giant spiny lobsters are cooked to order by the islands chefs. An experience not to be missed, enjoy your meal under a blanket of stars with your feet in the sand and a tropical island cocktail.

Accessible from St’ Bernard’s Hill house by ferry or helicopter, Anegada is an island not to be missed.